TEASER: Drink shit, bigot.


The year is 2025, mass shootings happen every hour by ethnic minorities always shifting the blame on white people, the new generation of people drink chocolate milk made out of elephant dung, the new president of the United States is a midget dressed like a clown, and YouTube is at the height of being the video platform monopoly after smashing alt-right video platforms like Bitchute and Vimeo. Everyone is making videos of themselves publicly shitting and pissing on grocery store products and then eating it all together as the new social media trend, Stephen Colbert has become Stephanie Colbert, a transgender furry woman, and is publicly posting his tranny furry porn videos on YouTube without punishment, and there are ads on YouTube about an app that lets you control the mind of top-tier Hollywood celebrities.

Susan Wojcicki is at the height of her company’s career at YouTube. Her platform got to an extreme point where every single individual content creator has been banned out of the platform and the only remaining content is from MSM and corporations. Even PewDiePie has been kicked off the platform. She is enjoying endless riches from kissing the ass of MSM all day, every day. But soon she’ll find out that karma will strike back at her faster than she manages to create one video for her YouTube channel.

Will the pressure generated by the general discontent of everyone in the planet drive Susan to the end of her career? Will every content creator she’s banned push her into her doom? Will the mistakes of Susan’s past haunt her into insanity? Presence the fall of a sociopathic vermin, the story of a corporate psychopath in her way to her final days.