YOOTOOB! Susan's Day of Retribution is NOW AVAILABLE on AMAZON


It sure smells like victory around here, not to mention it took me a hard ass battle to bring this one up with all the autistic illuminati, Amazon indian tech support scammers and several writer’s blocks, but it’s finally here.

YOOTOOB! Susan’s Day of Retribution is finally here!

That’s right; the one, the only, the myth, the legend, the real book is here. A satirical dystopian comedy novel set in the near future of 2025, where people drink literal elephant shit and Stephen Colbert is a furry troon, where we discover the end of days of YouTube and Susan Wojcicki in this amazing story full of action, drama, thrills and a good full-on laughter for comedy. It’s now available on Amazon.


Don’t fret, if you wait until October 6th 2019, for 5 days you’ll be able to get the ebook format for FREE. No scam, no dealbreaker.

Check out this amazing book at the Literature section of this website: