The last face you’ll see in your life-span reality

The last face you’ll see in your life-span reality

Someday, on September 4th 1989, a man has been brought by force into this cruel world from his mother’s womb, wrecking a period-filled vagina with a severe Asperguer’s Syndrome that would taint a man’s psyche for the rest of his reincarnated life.

Soon he’d realize the world he inhabits, filled to the brim with a Matrioshka-doll hyerarchy of sociopathic manipulators with masks of moral grandiousness, is an unwelcoming place filled with empty dreams of blatant consumerism and Satanic Champions whose only purpose is to control everything they can. Big-nose manipulators, cowardly world leaders and grim-minded influencers, all co-conspiring to bring the human psyche into a poutpourri of chaotic dark energy. Some are born to abuse, others are born to be abused.

This man would later come to the conclusion that, if the world was gonna be so self-destructive, he’d need to bring in a bigger kind of destruction. More deadly than just any sort of assault rifles, more deadly than any sort of Weapon of Mass Destruction fabricated by the mind of George “Dubya” Bush or any neocon traitor. It had to be comedy.

Entertainment out of the laughter of many sarcasm-filled desperate cohabitants of the planet is, most likely, the deadliest weapon to confront sociopaths with. The stress of the modern world has distorted the human mind in such a way that contributes to this only Final Solution (a.k.a Holocaust) in a way that laughing off the disasters of the modern world and the clowns inhabiting it will definately end the madness in the world.

Because the only solution possible with this amount of laughter in a burning world, is to play on Ultra-Violence, while everyone else plays checkers.