I am playing on Ultra-Violence, and you are playing checkers

Our Supreme Dunkler Oberherr (Dark Overlord)

Our Supreme Dunkler Oberherr (Dark Overlord)

When age fell upon the world, and wonder went out of the minds of men; when grey cities reared to smoky skies tall towers grim and ugly; in whose shadow none might dream of the sun or of spring's flowering meads; when learning stripped earth of her mantle of beauty, and poets sang no more save of twisted phantoms seen with bleared and inward-looking eyes; when these things had come to pass, and childish hopes had gone away forever, there was a man who travelled out of life on a quest into the spaces whither the world's dreams had fled.

I am a youtuber, streamer and general content creator on the internet making funny stuff on the Internet. A lot of times, along with our certain allies, I get blacklisted and my message rejected by those who are self-centered, the so-called "heroes" of the Internet.

I am here to prove them wrong.

Some people call me a troll, other people call me a retard, or other people may think I'm some sort of Million Dollar Extreme Sam Hyde reject, but one thing is clear: no matter what you try to do, no matter if you try to get rid of me, blacklist me or ban me anywhere, one thing is clear:

I always come back.





Heil Schwulen Satan.

Schwulenland Uber Alles.