Reality check: dopamine virus


Do you feel me, brother? Society's sick to the bone. I know I might sound like a weathered down boomer, but hear me out: society's obsession with 5 minute fame is not a healthy trend. Trust me.

Every night I was hooked up on the burning sensation that I needed more engagement, validation and traffic to my online venues. This only caused me a wide variety of negative auras within my chackra: fear, anxiety, sorrow… the Devil was bringing me in, for the price of my own sanity.

Similar things may happen to everyone online, where their dependancy on the inmaterial online goodies makes them feel like if they lose it, it will be like losing an arm. It shouldn't be like that and I feel deep within my heart it should not be.

You ever familiar with the concept of a Skinner Box? Rat in a cage, press button in the right moment and get food. Otherwise, a zap will fry your nerves down. Most of social media is designed in a similar fashion, as if they were created like dopamine-rushing slot machines. The climax of masturbation is there, but it's temporary. And it rots your brain to fecal matter.

All I'm saying is, unhook yourself up from the addiction of fame. Leave that to the Hollywood soulless husks out there. They are already lost within damnation. They already sold their soul away to a ticket to Hell and there is no salvation nor worth salvation for them. Spend some time with God.