PAYWALL is on board, CHIP IN :))))


Hey guys, I know it’s been pretty long without any piece of content either on YouTube or this godforsaken website, but I know you guys are missing some content down the road. BUT I cannot do any more disposable YouTube content or the sort and I gotta PERK UP the quality a notch to the point of being something of real value.

That’s why I decided to announce that the former Patreon SLAM Gumroad page will now be the PAYWALL for a whole lot more series from JMAA TV. Good stuff here, top notch quality, and I expect to be on par with my new editor here who’s right now in charge of making the next hit a big hit so far.


This big deal of a PAYWALL will feature not only the amazing series PATREON SLAM, for which episode 12 is a WIP right now, but also:

  • Tiddy Daddy Sugar (formerly known as Triple Deal of Sickness): compilations of comedy sketches and skits

  • JUANV: vlogs and stuff, now in video format for your own amusement

Probably new series will be incorporated to the mix, but hopefully this will go on. Patreon SLAM 12 is on the making right now, and now there’s a new JUANV episode right at Gumroad for you to see, with an AMAZING Spec ops the line review that you will enjoy.

You can go here and chip in $4.99 a month for exclusive content there.


As of other projects, I have open game dev volunteership job positions open for pixel graphics guys, ZScript coders and C++ coders out there. Also if I have one volunteer who can animate 2D cartoons for the ingame cinematics, that would be great. But other than that, the only thing I can guarantee is that there will be revenue share upon game sales once the game is out and running.

Also, for those living around San Sebastian here, I’m looking for a couple guys who can help with camerawork as volunteers. Must be probably as mentally ill as I am AND know english, because I’m gonna speak it a lot. Just email me in the Contact section if any of these volunteer positions are good for you.

That’s it, PEACE.