The days of disposable JMAA TV content are over. I introduce you to the PAYWALL. Tons of exclusive series from JMAA (yours truly) available for premium membership for only $4.99/month.

I know how it feels to not get free content up your subscription feed on the spirit-cooking social media megamachine, but hey, lemme tell you something: I gotta feed myself. I gotta build up my brand. I gotta do better than just making free kleenex-tier content to be disposed later, and I’ll promise you, stuff will get better. It will definately get better as soon as I get the money chipped in to be able to fund editors, cameramen, gear and all that cool stuff you want to see.

Besides, getting banned off platforms ain’t fun. It isn’t. Free Speech #1 is top priority for all kekistani top-tier autism jutsu enthusiasts out there like me. That’s why I created this paywall, to express myself and my content with total control and freedom on what I want to offer out there.



The prime series dominant behind the paywall, we review the Patreon projects that come straight out of the trash and clearly are big wastes of money. Also looking for the garbage Kickstarters, Indiegogos and other crowdfunding trash that might go around.

Starring an angry man in his bedroom, also known as JMAA, who will guide you across the River Styx of crowdfunding agony that is ebeggars and general scammers out there in the Internet. If you’re gonna e-beg, you better be honest or SCRAM!

Other current and future projects


  • Tiddy Daddy Sugar (formerly known as Triple Deal of Sickness)

  • JUAN-V Vlogs (better than just audio)

  • and more series that are not yet included here