PC off the rails

As you might have noticed earlier, but in case someone doesn't know over here, my PC is sent to warranty repair at this moment starting today Monday, so there will be a considerable hiatus in content and streams, at least the conventional way.

I have no absolute idea of when I'm getting my PC back, but hopefully I'll be back to doing the usual stuff once I get it back fully operational.

Reason for this is that my GPU did overheat severely to the point of crashing every time I did Quake Champions, or render a video or record or stream on OBS. I did sort it around by speeding up the GPU fan a tad bit, but don't know if that's gonna fuck up the fan even more. So still, I sent it to the warranty and had it there for a check.

I'll notify whenever all this stuff is gone. Know at least that I'm not dead nor missing, that's for sure.