Brittany Venti is a dumb bitch


At this very moment I realized in an euphoric state (the PUN omg) that Brittany Venti isn’t in really a good mood, as she considers to deactivate her shitty Twitter account for good in about a while:

To add salt to the wound, let’s do this crazy article in hopes Brittany’s incel beta nerds do give me some clicks to add to the adrev of this site and other endeavors.

First of all, there’s a whole video exposing Brittany Venti as told by HER OWN EX right here if you want to see it for yourself.

But basically as a tl;dr, it basically boils down to Brittany Venti to being such a dumb cat lady bitch that

  1. Doesn’t shower in ages

  2. Has cat shit all over her condo and doesn’t even bother to clean it up

  3. Is obnoxious as shit that not even her own ex can stand her screeching like a harpy on her period

  4. Her dumb as shit incel beta males of a fanbase will always defend her and paypiggy her, along with her other streamer or youtuber shills even on the skeptic/alt-right/bloodsports community

  5. The only 2 braincells in her thick skull don’t allow her to see how doing stupid bannable shit can (big surprise) BAN HER FROM TWITCH OR YOUTUBE

  6. She’s ugly and El Goblino, in such a way that no one would ever want to waste their genes on such a pool of DNA waste and McDonald’s grease DNA

  7. She’s such an attention whore even to the point of desperately hogging to the HWNDU popularity for easy views and fame

But let’s also pay attention to another funny tweet because this one is absolutely golden

Brittany, sweetie, I don’t think is the one who should be needing a “psychiatrist”, or in your case, a direct ticket to the looney bin.

It’s funny to see this shit, because if you read Britbong’s email in the tweet, you’ll know Brittany Venti used to suck up to Britbong desperately trying to date him on multiple occasions, only to get rejected by the absolute handsomeness of a man that is Britbong. And she gets called out by him on multiple occasions.

Not only she tried to date Britbong and got rejected; Brittany also tried to flirt Sam Hyde back at HWNDU and FAILED when Sammy boy rejected her for being a waste of a woman. She also tried to flirt with Leafy only to get rejected by him. Imagine being such a pathetic ugly bitch that you even get rejected by such a wimpy kid like Leafy. Even wimps like LeafyIsHere have standards, eh?

Bitch, consider yourself BTFO at — the site for all kinds of assblasting.


The “incel”.

Talk back to this “incel” in case of massive butthurt.

Talk back to this “incel” in case of massive butthurt.