Sam Hyde VS Charls Carroll - Who is better?


Look, I don’t wanna reopen old wounds here, one of the highest concerns I got is whether Charls and Sam will get along in time, I don’t think that’s my problem regarding whatever beef there is between the two, but I just wanna have some fun with those who prefer to take sides. Contrary to me, when I decide to stay impartial between both of them.

So I decided I could open up a little bit of debate, whether it is via some sort of poll or either in the comments section of this drivel of a website.

So here’s the poll:

But let’s discuss now the pros and cons of each one of them:


Sam Hyde


  • Strong boi

  • More aggressively charismatic

  • Still going strong with comedy sketches


  • Gross af

  • Absolute weirdo


Charls Carroll


  • Therapeutic

  • Nice and cool guy

  • Knows a lot about good healing literature


  • Twitch streamer

  • His comedy sketches are a little bit weird and lacking

Please remember this is just my personal opinion of the two, I think both are alright and I don’t wanna feed into the beef between the two, but I think it should be pretty innocent fun to have a debate from the viewers between both sides or either if you agree with me that both are cool guys.

Let the games begin.