I Shit On Your Crappy Art #1: It's all fun and games until someone drops the mayo

Hopefully you'll like this new series of blogposts inspired by one of my previous posts about some asian noodlemuncher's "art" where I make fun of Tumblr, what be it, forms of "art" that bronies, autists and other mentally deficient betas make on a regular basis.

Before I go on, please take notice of these finesse pieces of art made by moi:


Notice something in particular? Exactly, you guessed it: they're good. Unlike the trope of garbage we're going to see following.


DW-dEbPXcAI9zId.jpg large.jpg

Aside of the obvious Drumpf-era Drumpf-bashing here, one thing that really concerns me is that this is going to be probably printed on a newspaper (or attached in an online MSM site), someone's gonna look at it and say "yes! This is satirical finesse over here! This is the ultimate satire! TAKE THAT, DRUMPF!" while the artstyle is reminiscent of a high school magazine a freshman would do. Also, why in the name of holy macherel Shub Niggurath would Trump yell at an NFL darkie to stand up? I mean, c'mon, even the 45th President of the United States has standards, unlike these niggers.


DW-jHDbXcAAMs_9.jpg large.jpg

This picture should be put as a case study on how art college can definately destroy a human being's life into shitting out Sonic-The-Hedgehog-With-A-Huge-Penis doodles for Patreon money. CalArts is fucking garbage and it's destroying your life like a heroin or krokodil addiction. Just stop it. Save your life. Seek some help.


DW01HPtX4AA6LtL.jpg large.jpg

And the funny thing is, this is twice as better drawn than anything Hyojin doodles out. And this one's not on sale on a shekel-y Patreon with the excuse of some tumor boobs. How's that feel, gook?


DWjJjuRVAAADHJA.jpg large.jpg

Now this is an exemplary case on how Lord Bung's artstyle basically goes. Basically, I could just drag and drop several straight lines and shapes in MS Paint and call it like it was this monstrosity of an (((adult swim))) CalArts abomination.

Also, why is he drawing traps? Ew, fucking gay.

That's about it. Hope you enjoy. More coming maybe soon.