The Xbox Shampoo implies: "you're a gamer, thus you're a retard"


Many imply that the Xbox shampoo and Xbox deodorants recently released in Australia and New Zealand is the kind of shit that would compose a joke item. That’s because the whole target audience for it is to be considered a joke.

Look, I need to clarify this: I don’t have anything against you finding a hobby to pass your boredom with or spend spare time with, we all can play videogames just to nicely quench our boredom. But when you self-destruct yourself within your obsession of such fantasy dogshit and your entire life is revolved around video games (I’m looking at you, Twitch and other ecelebs), you seriously have a fucking problem.

Now here comes an Xbox shampoo, as if the games industry is telling you “hey retard, might as well get a fucking shower for once, you filthy tainted fat pig”.

Like I said in my E3 video, these game companies don’t care about you, nor your family, nor your life. They not only want to steal your wallet with such nonsensical drivel, but also destroy what you hold dear in this world. (((They))) create useless distractions for you to become a better man that can be a productive member of society. And they know this well, because this shampoo shit will still sell out to thousands, if not millions, of “gamers” who are so brainwashed into thinking Tifa’s tits in Final Fantasy VII are real.

Don’t quit videogames altogether, but please, don’t sink down into them. You don’t need Microsoft, Lynx or Xbox to make yourself a clean productive man. Be a better man. Face reality.