You wanna be an eceleb? Tough luck.


Pictured above is an eceleb by the name of Dominic Vanner. He’s known online as the monicker MrBTFO, and previously as BritbongReturns, Eggbong or Manly Tears. The humiliating moment of being run over by a car by someone yelling “get a job nigger!” or “JMAA Nation”, while sorting out a very deafening silence in humiliation is a clear indication of a period of time that happens after the apex of popularity that this man had.

He’s a man in his 30’s, living in his parents’ house, streaming everyday in a completely new blank slate channel trying to clinge back to his old glory days of video game trolling videos and streams. He has had his days, and those days are long gone, and he’s forced to commit the same mistakes that he once had at the beginning of his decline. He’s now already been to multiple streaming platforms as well, desperately trying to recover his past viewership.

But a lot of ecelebs share the same dire fate. People like Ethan Ralph at the Killstream has been facing the same decline with gunt memes and Kiwifarmers surrounding him. And let’s not forget personalities like The Amazing Atheist, or Jim Sterling.

Most of these ecelebs didn’t really mature enough to be able to quit pursuing old glories and live a sustainable adult life. Britbong, for instance, will not be able to sustain an emancipation with his donation money, which he spends mostly on gaming gear and Steam games. While petting toy llamas and accumulating children’s toys next to his bed in his bedroom. When inevitably his parents die, he’ll be forced to either live under a bridge or get an actual job.

I cannot say otherwise for other ecelebs as well. Not even myself. I, myself, and make fun of me all you want for this, have a job at a marketing agency at a special employment center. Silly, I know, but eventually this will give me a sustainable life that I would not be able to get after my probable apex of my online career. You can’t just put all eggs in one basket every time. And sometimes, you just need to let go.

And if you’re still thinking, “well, I’ll prove you wrong, JMAA!”, just remember: there’s a graveyard with all the familiar faces that you’ve seen in the past, names that are now probably forgotten, and it keeps growing, and will have eventually a hollow grave for my name or yours.

And we’ll all have to meet one single purgatory:


In other words, “get a job, nigger.”