The art gallery is back bois! + WIP

So I decided to bring back the art gallery on this website for a while just so I can maybe craft some artwork (either SFW or NSFW) for you to either admire or for you to either masturbate to. Who knew porn art that is not degenerate would be a magnificient lure?

HOWEVER, I’ll bring in some changes. I made it so there’s:

No references to the old branding,

No degenerate shit (trannies, etc.) and,

No shitty art

So I’m gonna have to spend some actual effort on future art as well.

In the meantime, I’m working on this one for a bit to inaugurate the newly resurrected art gallery here. Although I really miss a Shadbase-styled webcomic controls for the art gallery, it still does a decent job.

Here’s a WIP of the artwork in progress. Enjoy.