The Million Dollar Idea


Nowadays, innovative ideas these days have become pretty stagnant. We tend to come up with recursions of old fashionable ideas or trendy ideas in the world of tech that only serve the purpose of serving some lazy slack of meat. I mean, who isn’t lazy? We’re all lazy at some point. We all sometimes want easy solutions to anything, and we get sold the easy solutions for anything that’s more worth if you actually move a single finger to make some bigger effort.

But, we all know we want the easiest solution possible to the biggest problems in the Universe (yeah, Maddox, hold your $47M lawsuit over there for a moment), say, world poverty, world hunger, cancer, big pharma or even the International Zionist Single Market problems or any sort of human rights violation. We crave for an Utopia that clearly is only good vibes and absolutely no bad vibes.

And you know who’s the sole cause of all those problems: sociopaths.

Yes, even those have infiltrated into The Powers That Be, but your low Goy IQ cannot singlehandedly handle their intellectual acrobacy for a bit while you can read emotions as good as the Google AI. Well, let me tell you, I have an idea that’s probably worth, if not more, $1,000,000 if I sold it to any tech company and that would solve every single one of the world’s problems.

A gadget or app that accurately detects sociopaths.

Let me explain.

A primer into human sociopathy

Sociopaths. They’re all everywhere into our human species. They’re also commonly known as “lizard people”, “reptilians”, “Hannibals”, “the ultra-violent”, “bad Hillary Clinton clones”, “Zucc People”, “robots” or simply “the soulless”. They manage to be indistinguishable from normal people, but believe me when they’re as human as a cyborg from Aliens.

You’ll know if you got a basics of psychology how these people are; superficially charming, narcissistic, lacking of any empathy or remorse, lacking of responsibility, and mostly composing all sorts of corrupted or criminal people possible. He can even be your banker or your mayor, doesn’t matter. It’s like that song called “Sweet Dreams”, “some of them are there to use you”, and you’ll be sure at some point in your life you’re used by one of them like you were a big walking ATM machine.

Other traits common in sociopaths is that predator stare they give into people. That stare straight out of horror movies where you know shit’s going down? THAT stare. And you know there’s only pure evil in those eyes. At this point, they may look not human, that’s because, for some utter reason, they lost all humanity and sold their soul to the Devil. That’s when you know when, if you try to reason with them or try to change their mind, it will never work, because these “people” are hopeless.

The Million Dollar Idea

So, what’s the idea? Make an app or a gadget that accurately can point at a person and tell accurately if he or she is a sociopath or not. Via facial recognition or any other sorts of technological bullcrap, detect the traits of a sociopath within a person.

If it points at a person and that person does a psychotic dead sociopathic stare, you’ll know for sure it will be sure to tell you he or she is a sociopath. Any little detail that gives away information about it will be detected. And from that, you take further action to either ditch that toxic ooze of a “person” or just stop his tracks before it’s too late and he’s all into Total World Domination (who knows!).

Maybe even, you can also find out any other clinical data, maybe from the clinical history associated with the face ID, that may give away the fact that he or she is a sociopath. Of course this would take the obnoxious effort of all the legalities and paperwork, but the more accurate it is to detect a potential danger to society and a poison to social life, the better.

The point of this is not just a funny app to make pranks with, nor a tool for personal profit of mine or any corporation that buys off and develops the idea, but a big giant contribution to society to rid the world of any poisonous, venomous, corrupt influences that are further driving the world into shit. I’m doing a big giant favor to society by just selling out this idea, although I would love to develop the gadget myself if I was a lucky sort of Elon Musk.

That’s the pitch

If any tech company or startup may be willing to pay me at least 1 million USD to get this idea and develop it, do it. Hit me up. I’ll even allow bigger amounts of money for selling the idea out as long as I take credit for the original idea. I want to just rid the world of parasites, that’s all. And I want to grant the bigger part of the task to someone more technically able to make it a reality.

Will it cost another Purge or another WWIII? Probably. But if we manage to rid the world of sociopaths, we’ll probably not have any more Purges or WWIII’s. Not granted, but it is definately a possibility.