How to beat facecampers in Dead By Daylight (100% WORKS)

I'm pretty sure at this point everyone from Dead By Daylight who comes here must be a salty bitch who's been complaining and crying about me facecamping or camping as Leatherface on the game. I hear your tears going down, and fret not, I have a solution. For a price.

Here's the link to the guide in question:

To be able to read it, you must pledge at least $1 to my Patreon and you'll get access to this SACRED KNOWLEDGE that you desperately need, to beat and win over a camper in Dead By Daylight.

I mean, it's not like it's being told anywhere else, really not, trust me, goyim.

There's gonna be a new video this Thursday that demonstrates why I need to do this and write this off, because to be honest, there's people SO RETARDED on DBD that they literally fall for the most obvious oldest bait.