Fake and Gay: Moralfag Marketing and False Beauty

YouTube and the Internet today is an absolute morality trainwreck. Everyone wants to be the hero of the day, saving the Internet from that evil villain that probably lurks his way into every platform ruining everyone's day, or so they say it's everyone's day who's ruined.

The concept of this moral standpoint is merely just a selling point for many of the influencers and figures of the Net. They use their "morality" as a mere product of consume, although often for free, as every YouTube video or article, it offers them some form of profit: economic, social, psychologic or emotional, it benefits the personal gain of the lead in a similar way that it does to a cult, religion or political party. Luckily, these grandstanding morons got the basics, but in practice they suck donkey dick.

Exposed videos are a clear evidence of this morality as a consume product, the morality consumerism that we see in politics, media and so on. They sell you for ad revenue what is good or bad for you to do, they tell you for profit what you should do, and what you shouldn't, dictating your life and ethics for the sake of filling their pockets. Often through the form of a "scapegoat", the "exposed", which is gonna be the pillar these moralfags sit on.

You know who also does that?



A similar tactic is found in the derivations of Marxist propaganda and marketing: they divide their message into three things, the "common enemy" (the burgeoisie), the "target" (the proletariat) and the "solution" ("abolish the high class", etc.). It's a form of persuasion that seeks the sympathy of your peers for a gain. Often coated in a veil of ethics, the "common good".

And you know how communism ended, right? 94 million deaths for such great leaders to tell you what is good for you.

So basically, if you're enjoying a youtuber's exposed video, then, congratulations, you're subjected to the same commercial brainwashing methods than a totalitarian regime.

You. Are. A. Tool.


But that's not all. That says a lot about how a lot of your YouTube or Internet media consumption is basically fake. Just look at it: ranging from Let's Play videos, cat videos, or even porn itself are all fake. Why would you think a let's player would do such overexaggerated reactions for anything? Even the orgasms girls make in a porn video on PornHub (or what you may jack off to) are fake for the sake of making you aroused.

I can't even imagine how China enjoys movie after movie of Michael Bay Transformers drivel, they must be so absolutely numb to the pretty colors and explosions in those movies, but like the Chinese are attracted to pretty special effects, your society has been conditioned to be attracted to good things in general: #positivity or whatever that bullshit is, good news, funny videos, all of those obviously manufactured to bring you the needed endorphins for you to keep consuming like chugging 3 cans of coke every day and make them more profit.

In the same way, they use the excuse of morality as previously said because it is something that makes them look good and beautiful, not only for the way they say it, but also because of the numbers and data, how many subscribers they got, how many followers, how many of other tuber friends they got... more equals better, better equals good, good equals more.

Stop buying into this fake and gay shit. Admit there are cunts running this world and there will be always cunts running this world to use you as a tool for their gain. We are in the midst of an era of cynicism and irony. Grow a brain for a second, because otherwise, they'll keep using you as cattle for their little money printing machines.

Look for what you care about, not for what they want you to care about.