The top tip to be successful on Bitchute


Once I started exclusively uploading content on Bitchute, I discovered certain workarounds to get some magnificient clout on the website compared to the russian roulette that is YouTube. In fact, Bitchute is a site fresh from the oven, and yes, it might have not as many features as JewTube, but still it’s a great website that serves as a great safespace for the edgy cunts like me.

So here’s my tips on how to be successful on Bitchute, in contrast to the ones that I shared for YouTube in my ebook:

Step 1: Name the jew

I mean, isn’t this one obvious? The most successful videos I have on the site are basically “53 Questions that Disprove the Holocaust” and “JEWS ROCK”. Clearly, there must be a good spot in Bitchute to poke fun at the big-nose bastards.

Bitchute is a pretty good safespot for right-wing or national socialist types on the video platform space. I mean, what other site does let you name the jew? YouTube sure won’t.

If you make a comedy video regarding jews or make some thinkpiece about jews on Bitchute, you’ll sure get a lot more views than other videos, since people there are always looking for that Kosher gold out there on this site.

And the final tip…

Step 2: Run to the hills

YouTube is officially dead. At least for me. YouTube doesn’t really care if it’s running on the red right now and his parent company Google is their life support. YouTube is merely there to push a political agenda down your throats and nothing else. YouTube doesn’t care about creators. Bitchute does. Bitchute is what YouTube would be a decade back and beyond.

So my final advice, start packing your suitcases and move over to Bitchute. Don’t be fucking lazy. It might not be as attractive as YouTube, but at least it’s morally and ethically better than YouTube, and it kicks YouTube around with it’s, big shocker, DISCOVERY FEATURES (wow!) that YouTube ditched years ago for a biased, politically charged algorithm that does no benefit to creators.

And maybe Bitchute will share the same fate than YouTube when Breadtube invades over, but until then, it’s time to run to Bitchute.

Go to bitchute now.