Water bottles are the new hate symbol from the alt-right, and it must stop


In recent years, it has been clear how the alt-right has appropriated water bottles as a hate symbol for white identity. The movement, in turn, has appropriated water bottles, often in a "water bottle art piece" or a photoshopped variant.

"All the alt-right has done is make these symbols more visible to the public," said the SPLC policy counsel. "The alt-right are claiming to be anti-racist because they're 'anti-racist' in a new way, and so far this movement has appropriated the symbols of a racist group to justify the racist beliefs they hold." (RELATED: 'Diversity' Is The Alt-Right's Way To Frown At White Supremacists)

A "Water Bottle Art Piece"

The "Water Bottle Art Piece" has taken on some unique characteristics:

The pieces are painted on or near water bottles. (This photo has also been posted by an SPLC researcher on Facebook)

They are intended to highlight a particularly racist perspective, not just for the object pictured but for the meaning that they imply.

There is even a caption that gives the name of each member of the alt-right: "Dude," "Girl," or "Faggot/Nazi/Bitch."

There are even fake water bottles, including some of the more common ones on display are the ones with the white supremacist Pepe the Frog memes or resembling the fictional character from the currently being developed game Trihard, Johann Weiss.

The hate train doesn’t have a stop, and it’s clearly going towards our every day beverages.