The gooks of big data are here, Epic Games Store and 5G is already dinner


If you really get pissed right now about the Epic Games Store fiasco, I think you’re probably late to the entire party since it’s been a good fucking while big data has been lurking around trying to gather what makes us “human”.

People are overly concerned with the Epic Games Store not only because of their dodgy business practices and lack of features compared to Steam. If people were only concerned that the Epic Games Store’s problem is mainly the lack of features and dodgy business practices, we wouldn’t be here discussing this topic. But the main problem is how Epic Games Store uses its botnets to gather data.

As you may know, Epic Games holds investments from Tencent, a very well known Chinese corporation subject to creating one of the most dreaded totalitarian control devices; the Social Credit System. When I say “the most dreaded”, I mean it: it is so bad that people in China are not even allowed to speak badly about the system itself, nor historical events like the Tianangmen Square protests from 1989. This allows the system to monitor not only online data from browsing the internet, but also from daily IRL life as well, such as when you’re jaywalking on the street or talking nonsense outdoors.

You really think like this big data business isn’t that much of a big deal when you play Fortnite, but think again: the Chinese were able to use gathered user data to be control freaks over their population and dictate what they can do or cannot do, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a similar system was applied to the West as well through the gatherings of Big Data.

In fact, every day, we’re closer to becoming one of Mainland China’s vassal states if we don’t do something about it.

Another looming pending doom that comes around to steal your personal data is the 5th Generation mobile data connection, or 5G.

You fucking orangutans think it’s good because it’s “faster internet”, but it comes at a price: your personal data will be compromised to not only certain corporations who will do with that data what they please (coughDiscordUnicornRiotcough) but they will be also redirected to government agencies and the sort. It only makes one step more into the Chinese vassal state.

Aside of the usual health risks that those big antennae beacons for 5G pose, 5G poses a dystopian threat where your data is at the disposal of someone incredibly malicious. And no, there’s no in-between here. Just because there is people fixated in doing only good, there’s also people fixated in the complete opposite.

But yet no one will care, since we are willing to “share” as much information about ourselves due to our constant thirst of social acceptance and attention whoring, even as personal that information might be. Our lives are spectacles of bullshit. And I thought me working at marketing writing bullshit and buzzwords was bad.

I am no exception to this sheeple, but I have the virtue of being more aware to this whole situation, as well as trying my best to do something about it that might save me from getting my dox to a mandarin asshole who wants to see me as communist cattle. Or a jew.

You folks thought that Redshell stuff I did in a video was a joke, and yes, it was a little bit unresearched, but I wasn’t joking that Redshell was just the beginning of a whole Big Data centric dystopia where your personal information can be put in the wrong hands.

My advice: just say no whenever someone asks for your personal information. Do what you must to protect your anonimity online or IRL; read the Terms of Service of each service carefully, avoid sharing your personal information,… do what you must to be aware of this whole upcoming disaster. You will be 10x safer from a Chinese soviet dictatorship that way.