PewDiePie keeps and tortures indian children in his basement

The YouTube superstar might be involved in a little bit of murky business

The YouTube superstar might be involved in a little bit of murky business

News today come forth about how the youtuber Felix Kjellberg, also known online as PewDiePie, keeps and tortures indian children in his basement. And now this:

The boy, who was 8 years old when he was killed by the video star and YouTube star had been "dressed, given a mask and handed out items to have his name and face painted, with his hair and face covered by a mask" in his neighborhood just blocks from his home, said one source close to the case. Those people insisted on anonymity from wanting the case to remain private.

Well, then.

As The Atlantic Wire noted, this story is getting a lot of attention in India because of how a "young Indian girl" was reportedly killed over his video-game, despite the fact that, according to one Indian lawyer and human rights organization, most murders are committed by men. In an interview with the BBC, the girl's relatives demanded immediate steps be taken to prosecute the men involved in her daughter's death. But a number of law enforcement officials are still in denial about the boy, one of them told the BBC, who was actually just 10 when the police made contact with him and took him into custody.

The youtube star PewDiePie also is known for secret links to the chimo satanic cult known as "Kids In Damned Dice Into Eternal Pomegranate Orange Raspberry Nights" in London. While no one can be certain which part of the cult PewDiePie says he is making fun of, even if the links are not from that one Youtube video, such cult ties are known to be very common and were revealed after another video he uploaded in which a woman is burned alive was shut down by a mob for criticizing the leader of the cult.

Many former #PizzaGate conspirators in the Clinton Foundation are also linked to Felix Kjellberg.

Kjellberg is known to Russian intelligence for his website, which was allegedly set up to influence American elections, and was also accused by the FBI of "spying for Russia."

According to a report posted by The Daily Caller, Kjellberg was also involved in The DAILY BILL and has been charged with distributing child pornography.

But now a new piece of information has come to light that might suggest that a number of people from The Clintons family are connected with Felix Kjellberg.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, former Arkansas Deputy Assistant Attorney General, and longtime Clinton Foundation board member Johnnie Cochran, alleged that he was personally approached by an FBI informant named "Felix" and that he had met one of the men involved in the Pizzagate investigation, and that he claims he is now willing to cooperate with the federal government.

"What [Kjellberg] allegedly told me—well, it might not be accurate but it is close enough to my memory—was, I'd better get something for you. And when he offered me what he said was a few thousand dollars for information, I said, you gotta keep me informed, because one thing that's important to me is you're gonna tell me this fucking fancy-looking Swedish wierdo is not secretly fiddling little indian kids in his basement,” said Barack Obama on an exclusive interview with our correspondant at JMAA TV, Skipper P. N. Guin.

We later received the n-word pass afterwards.

This is real. We’re literally shaking right now.

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