MrBTFO / Britbong is making more shit up about big youtubers being "pedophiles"

FireShot Capture 166 - MRBTFO on DLIVE.TV (@MrBTFO) - Twitter -

Boy, if it isn’t the manlet MrBTFO AKA BritbongReturns trying to bring doom at his gate again, like the big retard he is.

This time, he’s going after youtuber Slazo (the one you may recognize from my year-old memes such as “17 acting 17” from way back) saying “Slazo ALLEGEDLY exposed as a nonce”. And he posted some “proof” on Imgur.

And yes, OK, some bits of the messages there in the Discord logs are sexual, can’t deny it, but beyond that, BritMong doesn’t prove anything else. Chey here could be basically anyone, say either underage or either over legal age, and just the name and profile picture don’t say shit.

Second, it seems Slazo, by everything else, is not really trying to be threatening or aggressive or even sexual by any way. It seems he’s just apologizing for “rape” (very vague) and talking personal. Personal, yes, but not indicating whatsoever that he’s a rapist or something.

Especially considering when the logs could have been easily taken out of context from a greater scale conversation. You know how that #MeToo rep goes on, right? No shit why do I keep saying “I also shit in the toilet, #MeToo”.

This kind of stuff is the stuff that brought MrBTFO / Britbong to his demise, getting banned everywhere. Yet he’s a short legged moron. He keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over like a fool and yet his hordes of yesmen will just keep defending him, so he will keep making the same retarded mistakes.

Why? He craves for tons of attention. He’s an attention whore. Even for negative attention. But he doesn’t know that with massive attention comes being a bigger target.

Go fuck yourself, Manlet Tears.

 UPDATE 6/13/2019 5:34 PM: Ok, it does turn out Slazo was to blame on rape, but still you gotta count that Britbong does project a lot considering he's been a sexual predator as well. Just look it up.

UPDATE 7/14/2019 10:32 PM: Nevermind. Everyone lied about him. Video coming.