As much of a traitor Trump might be, do not vote Yang 2020


It's official. Trump betrayed us. He'd rather keep sucking jew penis at Israel than actually build a wall for once and make beaners pay for it. No chance, nada, zero promises accomplished. But you know how he came to power thanks to the so-called "MeME mAgIC", which is just yet another codeword for severe autism. It's not like 4chan alone could have influence his election in 2016 either way. 

But there's a new yellow dawn looming amongst the candidates.  

Andrew Yang.  

To be frank, I'm not 'Murican enough to understand what's with this gook faced socialist. He's gonna improve welfare for autists and NEETs or something, which involves a stupid meme of "$1000 a month" for some reason. Oh, and he's gonna fight "muh online censorship" which sounds fancy enough for nazi LARPers who sit their ass on their moms basement while watching weeb dogshit.  

Well lemme tell ya what to do with this guy: 


No, really. What do you expect he's gonna do? If Trump failed to accomplish 99% of his campaign promises as the all talk no walk person he is, I wouldn't expect anything more from this gook. 

What's worse is that no single politician charlatan can solve the problems of the jew-infected West nor be the Second Coming of Adolf. No one will. They're there to earn big bucks with your tax money and do nothing.  

I had a talk with my therapist about something similar, and the conclusion we had is that every political influence, no matter how they do it, is there to steal your wallet. Some will do it left, some will do it right. Some even will do it faster than others. But the goal is the same when zionist control has taken over every spectrum possible.  

And you know what? We already solved these problems in Europe. 80 years ago.  


But then we killed Adolf and buried him beneath lies.  

Well, what kind of autism is stopping you at this point?