Social media are run by pussies

Well, it seems you can't get anywhere potential like YouTube, Twitter or Twitch without being censored up your ass. It's like taking it up the ass without any lube and while extremely shitting yourself in extreme anxiety these days. Who doesn't want to be e-famous? Well, I will guarantee you one thing: no one wants to be deplatformed just for being e-famous. 

 The current situation with social media censorship is incredibly dire. People keep talking about the InfoWars, and the Mumkey Jones, and the big guys in general, but little is said about the "little guys" like me. I also know very particular cases that I won't mention out of respect, but demonstrate how any of these social media can find any excuse to ban you, however absurd it may be, as soon as they don't like you. 

The story so far

So this start of the year was like the start of last year. Some little virgin is so mad at me he decides to weaponize deplatforming in a very obvious shitty way. And I start getting banned off of places.  

On these two months alone, I managed to get banned off of Twitch and be on the brink of getting banned out of YouTube for the second time. Really shitty especially when the two main people responsible is an attention whoring retard and a VRChat pedophile named VR_Shana. Funny enough that the former is just like North Korea, intentionally taking the blame for my banning just to bait me into conflict. Just as pathetic.  

But out of all of this, I had a special talk with my therapist for two days in two weeks. The main issue I need to take at hand is that I need to find alternatives that are not so prone to get me banned and get stuck in the same anxiety cycle every year.  

 For which, I decided I could take a more written route in terms of content, and maybe work on stuff like podcasts or alternative types of media that are pretty much unexplored markets. I'm not really sure how this will turn out, especially for just being at exclusively without too much exposure such in sites like YouTube or Twitch where search algorithms and discovery algorithms are a big deal, but I hope I can deliver the same message without getting banned somewhere.  


YouTube is not for You

This has been said to death already, but it's funny to think that YouTube with the old slogan of "Broadcast yourself" is not anymore about broadcasting yourself. It's about unsincerely vomiting the most pink slime generic content possible to just make a dime or not get banned.  

But what's even more funny is a fact that I thought about when getting my second community guidelines strike on YouTube.  

So far, the two strikes, both of them, had an instance of calling out someone for pedophilia. Now, there's several things to take in mind when thinking about this that I was wondering too. Like, for example, that I'm not pretty sure if I'm the only one with this problem of having all strikes on videos about pedophiles. But there's another thing if I'm not alone on this.  

It would be funny to think that YouTube is trying to desperately defend pedophiles in power by striking and taking down videos related to pedophiles. Now that should get your noggin' joggin' for a minute or two. 


If you know already, you'll know how their trusted flaggers in the trusted flagger program arw majorily composed by (mafias) organizations such as the SPLC, the ADL... You know, pretty nice NGO's funded by George Soros, a totally nice guy who's a jewish billionaire who likes (to exterminate all the entire white population of the planet) diversity. Does it sound charming, or does it sound scary? 

Not to mention the horse face that is Susan Wojcicki gets a rub with these guys too. And she's also jewish. Remember these are the kind of guys who say that #PizzaGate isn't real and all that mumbo jumbo of nonce-sense, but yet do this kind of censorship stuff on videos merely saying someone is a creepy pedophile. Makes you think.  

Twitch twitching your will to live

A lot of the problems that YouTube is involved in are also present at Twitch. Ironically enough, people like Mumkey Jones tend to thing it's a refuge for them to run away from the grips of YouTube's censorship, when in reality, it's as orwellian as YouTube itself.  

There's plenty of evidence on why Twitch is so trigger happy on banning people that they don't like, and I already talked about it in various videos, but I'm going to direct you to this old classic from someone else who will sum it up: 

Now, about me, the reason I got banned on Twitch is because some group of “trolls” decided to raid under my name trying to frame me for stuff I don’t do in the platform. You’d might already seen that I was basically playing nice on Twitch so far, avoiding any kind of edgy stuff in there. But it seems the mass flagging that a lot of angry streamers misdirected at me got the Twitch staff an excuse to ban me for a second time.

But then, how come plenty of child molesters are allowed to stream on Twitch? There’s people like VR_Shana or Shadman who clearly are involved in some grooming shit, and the only one who’s banned for being a pedo, Thomas Cheong (Elvinelol on Twitch), was because of all the mainstream media heat Twitch got for his presence on the platform.

It seems there’s a clear prevalence of pedophilia in these platforms, completely unpunished. Really tells what these leftist websites are really into. A child molester who torments the innocence of children sexually is allowed in their eyes, but a right-wing wrongthinker who is honest enough to not take it up the ass will be immediately banned. Double standards? You bet.

I bet your ass you seen this image pop up a gorillion times about Twitter. It still fits like a glove.

I bet your ass you seen this image pop up a gorillion times about Twitter. It still fits like a glove.

Twitter Shitter

Should be already obvious the copious amounts of times I’ve been locked up on my Twitter account for hours or the times I’ve been having my Twitter account suspended. Saying certain words on Twitter is like stepping directly into a minefield. I don’t know if Twitter is ran by the same automated bots in the likenesses of YouTube, but certainly every time you say a “naughty” n-word or something like that, you automatically get either locked up or suspended. No exceptions.

The site is so dreadful even to the point of directly suspending people just because they only had the words “I’ll kill you” regardless of the context. I tried this experiment myself with HotDiggedyDemon and AKindAleWar just to take the piss, but really says a lot about it.

I’ve also been shadowbanned for some unknown reason, which considerably damages my chances of exposure in the website, especially in search and discovery options. Not sure if it lasted, but it really begs the fact that trying to get yourself known there is like raising the voice in a crowd of screaming monkeys. Not that many hashtags help either if you’re shadowbanned by The Powers That Be.

And being a blue checkmark verified account is a joke. All verified accounts are on NPC-tier personality celebrities with no personality whatsoever. I heard somewhere while I was translating blog posts at my marketing job that Twitter was basically dying in popularity, despite its best efforts to accomodate idiots by increasing the tweet length or adding Vine content style video loops to it. It’s merely doomed.


Facebook is still Facebook.

What do I need to say about Facebook? I barely use it for anything other than updates regarding videos or livestreams. The rest, boomer memes, cringeworthy basic bitch shit, whatever shitty Minions-riddled joke my friends can make, generic clickbait garbage… This website is for goobers and is definately a goober.

The only reason you should use Facebook is just to update your fan page with updates. But even then you’d not get much, many of the accounts there are just third-world tier people. No point there.

Oh, and by the way, post either nude drawings or something slightly edgy and you’ll get ZUCC’D. For 30 days. Nothing you can do. You can kiss your ass goodbye to letting your friends know of anything for 30 days.

What remains

You may think like I did at some point, that these websites, behind all pretense of morality, only care about profit and they’re only there for money. That’s true, but it’s not really exclusive for these kinds of social media. The problem here is, these are walking propaganda machines with partisan propaganda intentions.

Why else sites like YouTube would have the SPLC or the ADL as Trusted Flaggers there? The only reason why they’re censoring dissenting voices like me or anyone else with two braincells is not just because they want to whiten the brand for maximum profit. No, they also want to work together with the fucking Deep State. There’s way more in the rabbit hole than there is on the surface.

I know you hate to hear this Matrix talk, but trust me. One day it’s on social media, but later it will expand on your everyday life from these social media.

What lesson can we learn from here then? Well, if you don’t really want to get fucked in the ass without lube every single day anymore, well, I guess you’d better start getting the fuck out of the gimp’s shack, right?


All we need is alternative platforms. That’s why I am trying to experiment with this blog format here. We need startups who are truly open for free speech and don’t work with globalist elites. We need independent voices doing their own thing without the touch of the Deep State. Start looking for new pastures.

If there’s still a userbase for these websites, let the leftist idiots remain there, who are not even capable of bringing views or attention to themselves because they are just incredibly boring. They’ll get nowhere, no one wants to see them. Not even the highly impressionable teens who only know about the kind of stuff that PewDiePie does. We’re all bored of this shit. Let’s reinvent.

Because you’d rather start over from scratch on a new pasture than keep farming on rotten, poisoned wastelands, don’t ya?