YouTube is actively defending pedophilia and pedophile content.

As a guy pointed out in a YouTube video, called MattsWhatItIs on YouTube, he has gone under a VPN, created a blank new Google/YouTube account and started searching things like “bikini” or “yoga gymnastics”, only to, after less than 5 clicks, get a constant stream of softcore child pornography on the site that isn’t taken down nor policed and still is monetized.

You can watch the video here, hopefully it will be the last video you’ll watch on YouTube before you move on to a less crooked alternative:

But it is definately disgusting, because people like me make videos making jokes about jews or even calling out pedophiles, jokingly or seriously, and get the videos taken down.

FireShot Capture 522 - YouTube -

However, a literal pedophile ring gets a free pass to post child pornography on YouTube and freely monetize it. With no consequences.

This is the kind of stuff that enrages me enough to quit YouTube as a main platform, and I really encourage people to quit YouTube as well and move on to alternative free speech platforms such as Bitchute or Gab. Definately, YouTube must die.