Website overhaul and streaming overhaul

Hi guys, I barely look into the news section on the website, as I see, but quick updates regarding this...

First of all, you may have noticed already, but the website has a new domain,, a much easier domain and one with a better ring than "" which kinda looked like a malware site.

But be sure to update your bookmarks to this new domain as well if you didn't already.

Second of all, I have started to stream mainly on Mixer at It's a really nice website AFAIK, I heard it has a nice community and chances to grow are wider than other streaming sites I tried. Our partner in crime Britbong has recovered his quota of 200 viewers right there as well, so better reasons to start streaming there.

I am leaving StreamMe then for the following reasons:

  1. The contest is rigged by people with barely no viewers who cheat and StreamMe staff doesn't care.
  2. The stalkers who try to fuck us up for years and years on are there.
  3. The website's viewership is mostly dead.
  4. The website claims to be the "freedom of speech" website but seeing what happened with Britbong it's not true at all.

So with all those things considered, I have also redesigned the website a little bit to fit all those updates as well. On the top bar you can check out the links directly to the stream and Discord as well as the donation links (back then it used to be hidden in the "links" top menu section). All of them in their respective top bar menu link for the sake of accessibility.

I'll see you next time when I fight off a bearded midget with delusions of moral grandeur.