I Shit On Your Crappy Art #3: Degenerate Gatorade

Welcome to episode Numero Tres of this series where we make fun of more crappy shitty art made by girls or utter manchildren!

Now, someone over at Tumblr or Twitter will go and cry like "DUURRHRH YOU'RE STEALING MY ART JAMMA YOU NAZI PIG THAT ART SHOULD BE ONLY ON MY PATREON!!" And... you're right. I'm stealing your art. Because your art doesn't deserve to be under a shekel paywall, not even Patreon, as much of a pile of stinking excrement Patreon is.

Any (hatemail) complaints? Sent 'em to the contact form in this website, and I'll gladfully respond in a (non) humiliating manner. Probably maybe you'll be a star, kid. A star amongst the gorillion stars in the Internet that shout loudly in hopes of being individually seen.


DXXSt9tWkAAYg1g.jpg large.jpg

We kick off this one with literally Chris-Chan. Now, who wouldn't want to masturbate to Amy Rose's oversized asscheeks? I'm thinking of some autistic manchild who fucked a blow-up doll trying to emulate a sexual encounter with his fake girlfriend. Other than him, I think this should be material for a trash fire.



Now think about this for a second: I used to draw boobs like this all the time, two balls hanging from the shoulder bones, and truth be told, it was disgusting. It looked like a pair of tumors were evidence enough of a serious case of breast cancer.

Now here's a tip that I ended up learning: breasts in women are basically pectoral muscles, like the ones in men, only way bulgier than men's. They start with the shoulders and they end around the sternon, kinda like if you were to draw manboobs but rounder and bubblier. And of course, there's more of a variety of boobs of all sizes and shapes than just silicone-infested tumors on the chest. Nobody wants a pair of fake tits when they bang a chick, nobody wants a tranny pretending to have boobs. So the boobs should basically be a tad more realistic than that.

Also the funny thing about this is that the caption ecclipses the penetration parts with the words "Too Lewd~ UwU" or some shit like that. God knows how this presumed manchild will ever draw a vagina if this manbaby hasn't even seen a woman before.

Rid the world of breast cancer today!

DXfug6HXkAITd4Y.jpg large.jpg

Now speaking of boob cancer, macromastia is the lamest and most pathetic art fetish possible, especially if you combine it with other degenerate shit like furries or plain ebonics. Look, buddy, you seen too much porn. I know this is gonna sound like a feminist Twitter statement, but not all women have big fucking melons hanging out of their chest. The only women I can think to have breasts that big are pornstars. Pornstars are in PORN. PORN fucks your BRAIN. Stop masturbating, you beta cuck. You are the tool of a (((corporation))).

No, I'm not stoned


You had one job. Making big anime eyes. And you even fucked up at that. YOU FUCKED UP THE MOST BASIC OF AWFUL ART PRACTICES.


Hi! Welcome to Weis Supermarket! How can I help you? What's that in your bag-?




No, you can't work at Disney


Look, buddy, I don't know about your talent nor if Disney/Dreamworks will allow this level of jew cuckoldry in their animations, but let's face it: you're not gonna make it there.

What? You really think someone at Disney or Dreamworks is gonna look at your furry yiff art and say "yes, we can hire this person and he/she'll be at the ranks next to Don Bluth, this guy/girl is gonna make us millions"? At least if you were to put a dog knotted cock in his crotch fully out and upload this to a Patreon exclusively for pledgers, you would make as much of a living as Don Bluth himself, but I don't want that, so you don't want that.


One thing I should take in mind for the next issue of ISOYCA is that I need to pull out more "exclusive" stuff. Don't worry about it: I'll soon enough put up my pirate patch and dive into more Patreon exclusive "artists" around the next issue or so. Surely it will be a real good trashfire to look at.

Other than that, thank you for tuning in to this edition of ISOYCA and remember: the future starts with holding your hand from your penis.