I Shit On Your Crappy Art #2: Public Enemy Numero Uno

Seems like last entry of this series did really well in terms of garnering the attention of a few manbabies, or PROBABLY MANY, as currently now, JMAA TV and the nation of Schwulenland is being chased down by the Internet Brony Police, with which I'm having an interview on Twitter right now.

FireShot Capture 109 - Twitter _ Notificaciones - https___twitter.com_i_notifications.png
I have messed with the wrong man.

I have messed with the wrong man.

Seems like I messed with the wrong man, Captain America himself has decided to defend bronydom and bring justice against me for once! Gotta tell ya, it's gonna be a rough patch on the following days, for sure.

Now, due to the success of our previous installment in this cyberbullying series, I will "critique" more pieces of garbage art that would put Hyojin to absolute shame.

Before we do that, look at this comic strip and gaze at the quality I inputted into that. Notice every single detail of its majestuosity. Feel free to come back to that article if you need to heal off your eyesore from what you witness below.

Let's begin.

DW70APGUMAAgiRw.jpg large.jpg

We start off this entry with what you'd get if big-eye anime had a deformed baby with the furry fandom. Not sure if it is out of being an animal itself, but the two teeth hanging in the mouth looks like a childbirth deformity itself proper of a shark-head mongoloid.

If you actually look closer to this pic, you'll see the eyes as if they were a pair of deformed boobs. Maybe this is out of a morbid perversion, but maybe it's just me messing with low hanging fruit, because frankly, this is just an appetizer.


No, sweetie. You're not my "waifu" indeed. You look like a real disgusting female ogre. I don't know what's with this anime-izing of diversity characters like ebony women and shit, but it's pure cringe to see a black skinned ogre pretending to be a "woman". And yes, I did get this from Tumblr. You see this shit all over Tumblr like it was the rabbis at the Wall of Israel.


I was honestly debating myself whether or not I include this one, because it obviously looks like bait. Trademark Tumblr too.

DW-CAo3VQAA2q2z.jpg large.jpg



DW-XxA2VwAAN7J5.jpg large.jpg

If you seriously masturbate to this utter shit, consider shutting down the internet for good, because you truly need to go outside. I mean, look at you, would anyone like you draw this degenerate atrocity and not masturbate to his own abominable creation? You're not drawing this out of fun or profession at this point, you're drawing this to fulfill your degenerate beta male sexual fantasies and have a wank off. Just seek help.

That's gonna be it for this entry on this series, I hope you have sweet sweet dreams tonight, and remember: don't piss off the Brony Police.



It seems Captain America himself has blocked me on Twitter after going full Godfather. 


Rest in Peace, Captain America. You fought well like a true an hero