Have you seen the new merch?

Mr Sellout now

There's brand new stuff on the merch store, just wanted to remind through here just in case anyone misses the big menu button on top of this website, but I'm looking for diverse ways of funding this SHIT from the REAL FANS, alright?

What is new?

  • A renewal and resurrection of an old classic about a schizo christian
  • The return of the pigroach and the Clownhouse
  • Artsy shit from a future album
  • Safeguard for the death of a leech from a cardiac arrest
  • A (((golden))) CLASSIC from a deleted video

If you want 'em, check it out in the merch store: https://teespring.com/es/stores/jmaa-tv-merch

Oh and also, there's a discount code, it's CODE _ _ _ _

It's like CODE KEEM, right? Guess what it is, I think this one's pretty obvious. 25% discount on all items.

See ya and bring your wallet (or your mom's credit card).