The Ultimate [REDACTED] Handguide

Oh yeah, are you enjoying the good old joys of capitalism? Now I better hope you enjoy it with another 86% more pseudo-morality and 67% more sociopathy, here is the definitive guide for everything [REDACTED]!

The deepest secrets, the biggest lore, the snarkiest commentary and the most expensive pieces of junk, all exposed for your delighted eyes in this magnificient piece of self-published garbage that will never cease to amaze the unsuspecting idiot online.

  • Over 130+ pages of pure edgy comedy gold

  • Super-cool illustrations

  • Covering across loads of Razer products and other stuff


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The classics

OR if you would like to dig deep into my literary past, you still have the other classic books as well, both in eBook and Paperback format:

Mein Kampf: Guaranteed Illumination!
By Juan Manuel JMAA Arroyo Alcón
Mein Kampf: Guaranteed Illumination!
By Juan Manuel Arroyo Alcón