Guaranteed illumination!

Tell me, young white reader. Ask yourself this question: is a man capable of dictating his own morals in this world?

“No”, said the YouTube executive, “they can only be dictated by money.”

“No”, said the Twitter executive, “they can only be dictated by people’s feelings.”

“No”, said the YouTuber, “it can only be dictated by me.”

I, Juan Manuel Arroyo Alcón, JMAA, rejected those answers! For I know better what really composes the morals of the people!

The following chapters may be the hurtful truth, it may offend, or cause enormous distress across the multiple layers of irony that compose the Internet, but you must know that beyond this text, in the following chapters of this manifesto written with the rage and irony of a soulless monster of a man, and the enemy of the YouTube state, are nothing but the truth. And the truth is no sugarcoated lies hidden behind the mask of positivity, but the raw, unedited truth.

I have faced many trials and tribulations, I have learnt, adapted, I was built by the darkness, molded by it. I was born as blue-pilled and innocent as you are, but now, I have gone so far to be pursued by those who reject the truth and try to chase me for spreading this truth unto my readers and viewers, for I know too much than them, but I know better than them.

Let this be your warning: read with caution as these scripts will destroy your so-called innocence and make you see the light of what is really going on. There is no turning back.

You’ve been warned.

Mein Kampf: Guaranteed Illumination!
By Juan Manuel JMAA Arroyo Alcón
Mein Kampf: Guaranteed Illumination!
By Juan Manuel Arroyo Alcón